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Accounts Payable Standardization

Undertake an Accounts Payable process & procedure review with the specific purpose of bringing the best standards to the A/P office process, including the establishment of Signature Authority policy and process that govern the organization from top to bottom to assure arms-length transactions and prevent conflicts of interest.

Revenue-Cycle Analysis

Conduct an on-site review and analysis of current revenue-cycle operations to determine opportunities for improved capture rates, cost reduction, or optimization of existing resources. These efforts may also be directed at identifying training and education needs of staff to enhance performance.

Interim Resource Support

Provide finance talent on an interim basis to manage existing workloads that are left undone in the absence of a leadership role or an ‘extra hand’ for small or large simple or complex projects that the finance team needs to accomplish.

Financial Onboarding

Create an environment for success by introducing new hires on your finance team to the complexities of FQHC finance. Our experts will assess new hire knowledge and implement a program to bring them up to speed on SF-424, drawdowns, EHB, and other activities particular to our industry.

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Business Development

New Patient Acquisition

CHC Serve can work with you to identify and develop strategies to increase your unique patient count. With proven experience in this area, CHC Serve is uniquely positioned to help you grow your business and increase patient attribution.


If you aren’t growing your business, you run the risk of falling behind. We understand the contours of your business and your market. Existing efforts that are costly to do, whether that’s from high-priced consultants or from a lack of internal capacity, can be augmented with our expertise to arrive at a more reasonable approach. We can help you develop a marketing plan to reach new customers, re-engage with existing customers, and bring new energy to your outreach efforts that have stalled internally due to resource constraints.

No-Show Reduction Programs

Visit compliance is a challenge for every health care organization. Let our team of experienced operations professionals assist you in developing strategies to address this area of concern. No-shows impact revenue, quality metrics, and overall patient care – we can help with creative solutions to help you improve your no-show rate.

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Operational Performance

Clinical and Operational Quality Improvement

Provide services designed to increase health center capacity to apply the paradigms, tools, and techniques of Quality Improvement in their efforts to improve clinical or operational performance. Lead, plan, and facilitate clinical and operational quality/process performance projects to reduce burden on existing staff. Advise and/or train existing QI staff on improvement methodologies and techniques (e.g. PDSA, process mapping, root cause analysis, data analysis & charting, failure mode & effect analysis, prioritizing solutions, and standard work) in support of their QI projects.

Project Management

Provide comprehensive and formal Project Management services to help health care agencies accomplish complex and/or multi-stakeholder initiatives in a designated period of time. This work includes charter development, identifying key deliverables, segmenting work, creating a detailed task list (duration, responsibility, dependencies, successors), developing a timeline, creating a communications plan, completing a risk analysis, and reporting progress.

Practice Transformation

Provide support of health care agencies to prepare for a transition to value-based care. Facilitate the assessment and redesign of clinical workflows to eliminate redundancy, align resources with top of license activity, and improve patient flow. Additionally, enhance the impact of care-team huddles to improve clinical outcomes and improve patient satisfaction. Other efforts include implementing risk stratification and empanelment strategies to distribute patient load, reduce burden, and improve patient satisfaction.

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Human Resources

HR Compliance Audits

How well is your HR department keeping up with the latest requirements, rules, and regulations? Our HR consultants have the breadth of experience needed to dig deep and gain a full understanding of the current state of your HR compliance. Even when you feel everything is under control, perhaps a review by a third-party can provide extra assurance, or help you identify potential improvements or best practices your team has yet to implement.

How well is your HR department keeping up with the latest requirements, rules, and regulations? Our HR consultants have the breadth of experience needed to dig deep and gain a full understanding of the current state of your HR compliance. Even when you feel everything is under control, perhaps a review by a third-party can provide extra assurance, or help you identify potential improvements or best practices your team has yet to implement.

Interim HR Support

CHC Serve can provide human resource management on an interim basis to address existing management or resource gaps in your HR function. We can also provide an HR expert to deal with a specific project that needs attention, especially if the project is of a confidential nature and you want some distance between the project and your permanent staff.

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Organizational Development

Strength Finders Program

Our experienced organizational development team will work with you to create a better understanding of your organization’s key strengths. Being your best self means playing to your strengths at work and everywhere else. Discover your strengths and learn how to use them to thrive!  We will use the powerful CliftonStrengths assessment to explain how you are uniquely gifted. Your CliftonStrengths themes are your talent DNA. They explain the ways you most naturally think, feel and behave. Gallup research shows that people who know and use their CliftonStrengths are more engaged at work, more productive, happier and healthier. Our facilitators will engage your organization at the team, department, or organizational-wide level to deliver results you can use to improve team dynamics, communication, and overall agency performance.

Balancing Time, Priorities, and Productivity

This training program helps develops skills and habits to increase both personal and professional efficiency and productivity. Specific elements of the training are designed to assist attendees with setting goals and priorities, manage email and correspondence, implement strategies for staying focused and managing interruptions, and for minimizing stress. All of this is designed to help attendees work smarter, not harder.

Expanding Customer Service

This interactive workshop is designed to help attendees build a solid foundation of skills and techniques to positively impact client perception of your organization. It will focus on several aspects including knowing your customer, identifying current strengths and opportunities, communication styles and techniques, and creating personalized action plans. Perfect for front-desk and other patient-facing staff.

Presentation Skills

Delivering presentations can be a major hurdle for some people to overcome. This workshop will give attendees a boost of confidence as they learn to manage nerves and leverage that energy to their advantage, apply proven presentation principles to their effort, engage their audience, and manage the technical aspects of a presentation. Perfect for those employees making the move into roles with more responsibility such as new managers or team leaders.

Custom Training

Specific and targeted training is an area of expertise for CHC Serve. We will spend time with you to understand your specific situation or challenge and then develop a strategic training solution to address your needs. Whether it is a single department in need of team building, or a more comprehensive issue that requires a series of interventions, we can be your partner in delivering change.

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Grant Management

Grant Operations Review

Gain a thorough understanding of your grant operations from multiple perspectives. CHC Serve can conduct a review of your current grant portfolio and offer a statement of findings promoting standardization and infrastructure improvements to effectively manage your year-round funding sources. Findings may include opportunities for improvement and the identification of potential risks.

Grant Allocation Compliance

Stay true to your word by engaging CHC Serve in a Time & Effort management service and solution program. Use our expertise to move into true compliance, automated to drive maximum participation with industry best practice.

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Contract Management

Contract Review

We offer seasoned acumen in contract review and organization / categorization, with the end result of being able to keep up with transitions and expirations. We can also identify improvements and negotiation opportunities, both in quality and effective cost savings.

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Commodity Purchase

CHC Serve is actively working to identify products and supplies that can be sourced through an advantageous group purchasing arrangement. With our combined buying power, we can leverage volume to achieve discounted pricing and/or service enhancements.

Reduced-Cost Contracts

CHC Serve is able to provide third-party services at reduced contract prices to our membership. These include services in many areas of the business including IT, Web Design, Energy, and much more. As opportunities are identified, CHC Serve will provide specific information and guidance on how to benefit from these reduced-cost contracts.  

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Shared Service

Back Office Operations

CHC Serve is examining the potential for shared service among back office operations. Many of our clients are performing the same functions, each with their own infrastructure costs to develop and maintain the service. Through a rationalization of efforts, participants can achieve a reduction of direct costs. CHC Serve will work with our members to identify specific opportunities for shared-service arrangements.

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